mardi 8 juillet 2014

Exergues possibles pour des mémoires désobligeants, 11

"Ce qui compte, c'est de survivre aux fils de pute." 

 Frederick Exley

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  1. “I certainly didn't want to fight with him. I did, however, want to shout, "Listen, you son of a bitch, life isn't all a goddam football game! You won't always get the girl! Life is rejection and pain and loss" -- all those things I so cherishly cuddled in my slef-pitying bosom. I didn't, of course, say any such thing”
    Frederick Exley, A Fan's Notes

  2. “Bunny Sue was nineteen. She had honey-bobbed hair and candid, near-insolent green eyes. She had a snub, delightful nose, a cool, regal, and tapering neck, a fine, intelligent mouth that covered teeth so startling they might have been cleansed by sun gods. Without any makeup save lipstick, her complexion was as milk flecked with butter, the odor she cast as wholesome as bread. On my first breathless vision of her, I wanted to bury my teeth, Dracula-like, into her flanks, knowing that she would bleed pure butterscotch.”

  3. Merci pour la VO, anonyme. Exley, c'est tout de même une de mes grandes lectures américaines de ces dernières années.

    1. You're more than welcome, Sir. Ai toujours eu un faible pour les auteurs un peu déglingués avec un vrai sens de l'humour. Quel que soit l'idiome. Vivement le 4 septembre.


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